UK firms lack social media rules

In a recent study into how UK businesses operate their social networking, it was found that only a quarter of those who took part in the survey actually give any guidance to employees on the company’s social networking policy.

But the use of social networking is on the rise for businesses of all sizes, with eighty three per cent of those who answered saying that their business is active in some way when it comes to a social networking site, the most popular being LinkedIn!

According to Jonathan Wyatt, who is the managing director at consultancy Protiviti, the company who commissioned the survey,

“We’re seeing a growing number of cases where firms have vague or out-of-date social media policies that are unenforceable if inappropriate activity takes place. It’s extremely worrying that only a quarter of workers have been provided with any real guidance regarding the use of social media sites.”

For any business involved in social networking at any level, there should be some sort of guidance in place, which anyone with access to the site is fully aware of in order to avoid problems at a later date.

Source [The Drum]