Another use for AA batteries

Finally, for all of types that have no use at all for AA batteries, there is a device that could come in very useful indeed. It is not a gadget itself, but for the gadget user this could become an invaluable piece of your kit. Imagine that you are travelling around and your Smartphone’s battery runs into the red, ordinarily this would be a disaster, but with the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile USB Booster simply add two AA batteries and plug the device into any USB cable, it is cool and useful!

These are the features for the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick Charger;

Size: 148 x 18m (5.82 x 0.7″)

Weight: 76g (with batteries) (2.7 oz)

Power output: 5V/500mA (USB-A)

Run time: approximately 90 minutes (if using Eneloop batteries)

Two Eneloop AA rechargeable HR-3UTGA batteries included

Suitable for: music players, portable game consoles, mobile phones, computers, and other electronics

Includes micro USB adapter and USB cord

Instructions: Japanese

Note that you cannot properly re-charge Eneloop batteries directly using this booster stick. A separate special eneloop charger is required

Priced at £44 or $70

Source [Technabob]