A bed made from cardboard

When it comes to furniture, cardboard would not normally be on the list of favourite materials, but after seeing this bed I have to say that I have changed my mind! This is the Paperpedic bed and storage drawer system, it is made from 100 per cent recyclable cardboard, can be resized from a single bed to a massive king sized bed in seconds and is capable of taking up to one ton in weight. Did I mention that it is made from cardboard and that the bed and drawers comes in at around £157 or $250 depending on where you are located?

These are the features and details for the excellent Paperpedic Bed;

The Paperpedic Bed is a system of cleverly folded cardboard panels, which connect to form an incredibly strong and beautiful bed base. 100% recyclable, The Paperpedic Bed can morph from a cute single to a mega king-sized affair in minutes. With a load capacity of close to a ton, this paper bed sleeps 1-10 comfortably. 120-180cm W x 30cm H x 203cm D (Assembles to single, double, queen or king size)

Priced at $188.

Slide these four cardboard drawers under the Paperpedic Bed and free your wardrobe of tangled belts and piled-up shoes forever

Priced at just $62.

Source [Karton Group]