The iPad wall mount

How would you like to hang your iPad or any other tablet come to think of it on the wall, fridge or just about anywhere you like and not have the worry about it falling onto the floor, (Steve Jobs does not like happening!) well you can with this device. This is the PadTab, it looks like it is just another wall mount, but it is ideal for in the kitchen if you are following a recipe or for watching a film in the bathroom, well some people like to do that, so I hear!

These are the features and specs for the PadTab – Wall Mount for iPad;

In the kitchen: Stuck to a wall, cabinet, or fridge, you can use your tablet to compile the grocery list, read recipes, or watch videos. D&D game night: Mount your initiative tracker (we like 4eTurnTracker!) behind the DM so everyone knows who is up next. In the office: Can’t access Twitter on your work computer? No problem. Turn your iPad into a wall-mounted second monitor to access blocked sites. Getting your +5 CHA: Mount your tablet to the wall in front of your torture exercise machine. Besides, looking at Khal Drogo is enough to inspire anyone to work out more.

Priced at £15 or $19.99

Source [Think Geek]