Google +1 goes international

The world’s largest search has been flirting with its equivalent of the Facebook Like button that they call +1, you may have seen in on certain sites already and may have even used it. However, Google are satisfied enough with its performance to take it global. Starting off with,, and the +1 feature will eventually be available to all users.

Here are some details on the +1 button from the Google+ Project;

Use the +1 button to publicly show what you like, agree with, or recommend on the web. The +1 button can appear in a variety of places, both on Google and on sites across the web. For example, you might see a +1 button for a Google search result, Google ad, or next to an article, you are reading on your favourite news site.

There is another part to this announcement and that is Google will be allowing the use of the +1 button on certain international websites too, following agreements with The Telegraph, The Independent,, SnapDeal, and El Pais.

Source [Mashable]