Some crazy virus myths

They say that to beat something you have to understand it first, but it seems that when it comes to computer viruses this all falls by the wayside. The main reason for this is lack of knowledge or understanding, it all too easy to install an anti virus programme and hope that it does the job, but computers are too important to leave anything to chance. This is why a little understanding of what a virus is, what damage it can do and where it comes from, will go long way in making sure that the computer and its contents will remain in safe hands.

Here are seven of the most crazy myths regarding computer viruses;

Viruses are the reason for every issue with my PC

My computer has got an anti-virus software installed, therefore it is totally protected

I will understand when viruses attack my computer

Viruses are unable to physically harm my computer

Only .exe files might be hazardous to my computer

I ought to download more than one anti-virus to be totally protected

I have to install the suggested anti-virus if a warning pops up

Source [Beem Bee]