ASA reprimands Virgin Media

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has reprimanded the cable broadband, phone and TV service provider Virgin Media, over its recent advertising campaign known as “Stop the broadband con”! This is Virgin Media’s attempt at forcing broadband providers to change the way that they advertise their products and services. However, it seems that both BT and Sky took exception to this advert and complained to the ASA, who have now decided that they had good cause to complain.

According to the ASA ruling it was noted;

“We considered the ad went beyond highlighting the disparity Virgin believed existed between advertised broadband speeds compared to those that were delivered and implied that other ISPs dealt with consumers dishonestly in relation to broadband speeds,”

However according to a Virgin Media spokesperson,

“Advertising ‘up to’ broadband speeds you can’t deliver is a con. The ASA, Ofcom, numerous consumer groups and thousands of internet users have all reiterated our call for change and, instead of complaining about a legitimate effort to give consumers a voice in the debate, Sky and BT should step up to the challenge and start being honest about their broadband,”

Although it seems that Virgin Media had the consumer’s interests at heart, it has to be said that they were also attempting to gain customers off the back of it. The fact is that there are thousands of broadband users who are not getting anything near the advertised broadband speed that they signed up for and this is what should be sorted out once and for all!

Source [Think Broadband]