AutoWed the machine that ties the knot

It had to come sooner or later, but this is a machine that can literally marry a couple, provide them with a nice little certificate and all for just a £1 or $1 depending on where you are at the time. Doesn’t this put a completely new meaning into the term holiday romance! However, a £1 and it only takes a few minutes, where was this when I got married!

These are the details for the AutoWed machine where marriage will never be the same again;

AutoWed is a novelty wedding machine offering a quick hitch, a couple of rings and a personalised certificate for just £1/$1. Audio prompts, specially produced music, a bespoke retro keyboard and VFD display, ring vending and ticket printer all wrapped up in a Cadillac-pink cabinet with shiny aluminium fittings.

Priced at $28,000 in the US or £17,500 in the UK

Source [Incredible Things]