Facebook overtakes MSN in the UK

The social networking site Facebook has overtaken Microsoft to become the second most visited site in the UK with almost twenty seven visits over the year. Facebook had 26.8 million visitors last year, which is seven per cent up! In comparison Microsoft’s MSN, Windows Live and Bing services, which managed to attract 26.2 million visitors, so Facebook has pushed Microsoft down third place in the most visited sites in the UK. Naturally, in first place is Google with a massive 33.9 million visitors, that is some way to go before Facebook reaches that figure.

Although it seems that Microsoft are not too bothered as they have a plan that will increased their site visits and safely move them back into second place. In fact according to figures it seems that MSN fell from 27.2 million in May 2010 to 26.2 million in May this year, so there is some work to be done for Microsoft here!

Source [Telegraph]