Portal2 Stickers for those who know

Here is a sheet of nine cool stickers in a white background with black print, but for anyone who knows anything about the Portal2 game, they will mean something, to anyone else they will mean nothing at all. How cool is that, it is like having your own secret signals to other fans of the Portal series. It is just how the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS) would want it.

These are the features and details the cool Portal 2 Test Chamber Stickers;

Sticker sheet featuring the warning signs from Portal 2; Each sheet has 9 individual black and white stickers; Printed on vinyl with water & UV protective laminate; Sturdy enough to survive on the back of your car; Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible; Dimensions: 11” x 11” (for the whole sheet of 9 stickers)

Priced at £8 in the UK and $13 in the USA

Source [Technabob]