The Piaa Ferris wheeLED

This is a device that uses LED light to create amazing patterns on the wheel or wheels of a moving bike. Just by looking at the images, it is clear that when used at night this is going to be a seriously cool display and there are three colours to choose from too, blue, pink and white! This is device that is easy to install and use, it is LR44 lithium battery powered and each unit should last around twenty two hours.

These are the features and specs for the Ferris wheeLED Bicycle Light;

LED motion sensor illumination bicycle wheel accessory; Power: LR44 lithium battery x3 (included); Works with French, American & UK wheels; Contains LED light x7; Colour: blue, white, pink; Weight: 21g; Duration: c.22 hours

Priced at £35 in the UK and $57 in the USA

Source [Geek Alerts]