Windows users get App Store

We have got used to app stores for getting hold of some cool programmes for devices and computers, but at the moments Windows user are missing out. However, there is a site that offers this type service and they call it the Avenue App Store from a firm called Nevolution. The Avenue App Store gives the Window user a fast and easy way of searching for and downloading some of the coolest apps for Windows, just as other app stores work! At moment the store has just a few categories, these are games, communication apps, reference tools, utilities, multimedia and entertainment apps, but as the developers bring out new apps, then the range of choice will improve too.

According to the Nevolution CEO Matt Smith, he said in a statement;

“While there are plenty of websites that allow Windows PC users to download software, most target only a specific niche user or are filled with unscreened and unlicensed software. Avenue is the first centralized marketplace for all kinds of Windows PC software that’s safe and on par with the app stores that exist for Mac and mobile users.”

Source [Mashable]