Classic Nuclear Lab for kids

In those scary days of 1951 to 1952, the threat of nuclear war was an everyday fear and yet the love affair with this clean source of power and the source of the ultimate weapon could not have been higher. There were even toys and games that encourage kids to get with the nuclear programme such as the Atomic Energy educational set! This set allowed the user to conduct around 150 experiments; you have to wonder how many of these kids went on to work in the nuclear industry!

These are the details of the Atomic Energy educational set;

The set came with four types of uranium ore, a beta-alpha source (Pb-210), a pure beta source (Ru-106), a gamma source (Zn-65?), a spinthariscope, a cloud chamber with its own short-lived alpha source (Po-210), an electroscope, a Geiger counter, a manual, a comic book (Dagwood Splits the Atom) and a government manual “Prospecting for Uranium.”

Original price of the set was $50, but collectors are willing to fork out up to $5,000 for a complete set.

Source [Geek Fill]