Dropbox owns your stuff!

We use the term “Stuff” because it appears this is a term used quite a few times in the Terms of Service. the story is that Dropbox the cool site where users are able to store and share files has made some changes to its Terms of Service and as you would think they are in the favour of Dropbox and not the user! As it seems that when someone uses the service, they are also allowing Dropbox and its partner’s free access to use or copy your “Stuff” check it out!

These are words in the terms of service that all users should be looking at in order to understand what they are agreeing to;

“By submitting your stuff to the Services, you grant us (and those we work with to provide the Services) worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable rights to use, copy, distribute, prepare derivative works (such as translations or format conversions) of, perform, or publicly display that stuff to the extent we think it necessary for the Service. You must ensure you have the rights you need to grant us that permission.”

According to a Dropbox spokesperson;

“Some of you have written us with very understandable concerns about the legal-sounding parts. In particular, our new TOS talks about the licenses we need to run Dropbox. We want to be 100% clear that you own what you put in your Dropbox. We do not own your stuff. And the license you give us is really limited. It only allows us to provide the service to you. Nothing else”

So it seems that it is not as bad as we first thought, or is it?

Source [Liliputing]