Top Trends on @twitter

Last week see some rather strange top trends on the micro blogging site Twitter, the trends are measured by the amount of times that a subject is retweeted and below are the top trending topics from last week they include, Justin Bieber and Peter Falk which is understandable, but how did The Wild Thornberries make to number five? It is a real funny thing Twitter and that is why we love it so much I suppose!

Here are the top trending topics from Twitter last week;


#BET Awards

#Peter Falk

#Justin Bieber

#The Wild Thornberrys

#Bruno Mars

#Nicki Minaj

#Michael Jackson


#Marriage Equality

You have to wonder what is going to be up there next week, with some interesting stories popping up such as the #Beckhams and #Fourth of July, there are bound to be some funny ones in there too aren’t there!

Source [Mashable]