Broadband help in Wales

The Welsh government have introduced a scheme that should help rural communities tackle to the issue of broadband notspots; these are areas where only dial up internet is available!

The £2 million scheme offers consumers living in these no broadband areas up to a £1,000 to buy an alternative to a fixed line broadband service.

According to Hywel William, who is the chairman of the Wales Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA);

“Consumer expectations these days expect services that are far faster than perhaps up to half a Mbps of in the past and certainly now expectations now rising to levels of 2Mbps. We welcome the announcement this morning by the Welsh Government regarding the increase in the threshold (to 2Mbps) where communities or individuals can qualify for this subsidy.”

So far, the scheme has released funds of around £600,000 to around eight hundred applications; this still leaves a sizable sum available from the original £2 million fund, which is why this scheme is being extended.

Source [BBC]