Social Media addiction worries for parents

Results from a recent study of parents suggests that around a third of those who took part feel that their children are in from the internet and in particular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It was also found that another third believed that exposure to the internet can rewire a young person’s brain and yet by far the most worrying is the eighty per cent who think that their children could become addicted to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, according to Annika Small, who is a Director of the Internet charity, Nominet Trust;

“The Nominet Trust believes in the internet as a force for social good. Exaggerated fears about internet use can potentially deny its benefits to those most in need. I want to see a proper debate amongst policy makers, based on accurate research, about the effects of using interactive technologies on young people’s brains, behaviours and attitudes, without resorting to scaremongering that parents are being subjected to on regular basis.”

There have been critics of the internet in the past, who have called for studies into the side effects of excessive internet use, but so far, there is no evidence at all!

Source [Telegraph]