Fancy a 14 day old sandwich?

It seems that we are moving into the era of the long life sandwich, how long? Fourteen days at least, yes Snack time is a brand of sandwich that will stay fresh for two weeks, so they are great for anyone going on a long journey and at £1.49 they are a bargain too, which one do you want? The sandwiches will come in three tasty varieties such as; chicken tikka, ploughman’s and tuna mayonnaise sandwiches are made with a special oatmeal bread, these ingredients have been chosen because they naturally have a long life!

According to Ray Boggiano, the food technologist who spent almost a year developing the sandwich;

‘The product is as fresh on day 14 as it is on day one, we’ve thought very hard about the fillings, you have to be careful with what you use,’ said Mr Boggiano. ‘We’ve tested them thoroughly and they are nice to eat.’

Priced at £1.49

Source [Daily Mail]