Government backs Cybercrime Agency

The government has backed the formation of the International Cybercrime Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) in fact, the Prime Minister, David Cameron has said

“The very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response and that is what ICSPA is all about. It is forming a network powerful enough and wide enough, to face down cybercrime.”

The agency is made up with a coalition of government officers, international police forces, industry experts from VISA and McAfee. The ICSPA will be headed up by the former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett, who tried and failed to get ID cards introduced!

According to James Brokenshire MP, who happens to be the Home Office Minister for Crime and Security said;

“Criminals aren’t inconvenienced by national boundaries and cybercrime is a truly global problem. ICSPA and its partnership with Europol will bring together a range of resources, tools and expertise to crackdown on cybercriminals and strengthen our response to online crime.”

Funding will come from the EU, business and from governments, while the aim is to make the internet more secure and safe for all users.

Source [Telegraph]