PayPal’s Twitter Account Hacked

It seems that the online payment firm, PayPal have become the latest victim of a hack attack, but before you start getting worried it was the firms Twitter account that had been hacked, with the hacker retweeting messages and posting new messages into the PayPal feed. The hacker used the term ‘the safer, easier way to pay’ in order to get some negative messages around the feed as well as promoting the website this is one website that does not appear to require any explanations as to what it is all about.

According to Anuj Nayar, who is the Director of Communications, for PayPal;

‘PayPal UK’s Twitter feed was targeted by hackers tonight. PayPal would like to reassure all customers that PayPal’s UK customer systems and data have not been breached or hacked in any way. There is no link between customer systems and our Twitter account.’

Source [Daily Mail]