New Foursquare notification

It looks as if the checkin network Foursquare are looking to expand beyond having its user to simply check in and leave it at that. A new tray notification tray is one of the first moves in making this happen, the idea is to try to get more from the users, and this in turn will create better communications between followers and friends. So Foursquare is going to be moving on from just being a checkin service but isn’t that the point and the reason why over seven million users checkin on Foursquare when they visit somewhere new!

This is what Foursquare had to say about these changes on their blog;

Even if you’re not checking in, the new notification tray is a great reason to open the app or visit It helps you keep up on everything. It keeps you posted when things happen, including: a friend comments on one of your check-ins; there are new comments or photos on a check-in you’ve commented on; your friend does one of the Tips you’ve left; you and a friend both have the same place on your To-Do List; a place you’re at starts swarming; one of your Facebook friends joins foursquare; and, you’re ousted as Mayor (boo!).

Currently these changes are for Android users, the owners of the iPhone and Blackberry will have to wait a short while before they get the new service.

Source [Mashable]