Rural areas and the poor pay more for broadband

It looks like if you want to pay less for your broadband service then you must not live in a rural location and must definitely not be poor. Because in a recent study conducted by the website Simplifydigital has found that prices are being set according to postcodes. Those consumers who are living in rural locations or an area where people are less able to afford high prices and yet Liskeard in Cornwall, where one in five kids are living on the edge, is the UK’s most expensive place for broadband at £16.26 per month. However, travel east to London or Leicestershire or north to Sheffield and Redcar and the price for broadband falls dramatically to around £8.67 per month, surely this cannot be right!

According to Charles Ponsonby from the industry website Simplifydigital said;

“Unfortunately, internet service providers only choose to invest in telephone exchanges where they know that they will make a good return. As a result, rural and poorer postcodes may not meet the investment criteria. Many of the poorest areas are among the most expensive for broadband, putting extra pressure on households with limited incomes. To add insult to injury, these “off-net” services generally offer lower broadband speeds meaning customers are faced with paying more money for slower average broadband speeds.”

Source [Mirror]