Flying car gets go ahead

The US based company Terrafugia has finally been given clearance from the road safety regulator the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This will allow the company to test out their new car on the road and it is likely that the Tranisition flying car could be going on sale in around a year’s time. The issues for the company were mainly to do with the glass; normal cars are required to use laminated safety glass, but this heavy and would be no good for a car that can fly!

However thanks to some tweaks to the regulations Terrafugia have been given some favourable exceptions for the Transition flying car. This means that instead of safety glass they are able to use a lighter polycarbonate to replace the glass. there are also some changes to the tyre regulations too as the tyres for the Transition have to be able to withstand landings and take offs, normal road tyre would not be able to do the job.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]