Get a ticket for social networking

How many times do parents get fed with their kids spending too much time on their favourite social networking site and not doing anything else such as tidying their room. Well now, there is a way of getting the point across and it something that everyone knows about a ticket! Check these out, just fill in the appropriate sections and hand out, it is easy!

These are the details for the excellent tickets for too much social networking;

Excuse me, sir, I’m gonna have to write you up. You were caught wasting everybody’s time on Facebook. There are rules to this thing called the internet and now we have this handy pad to help enforce them. Put an end to online over sharing, over commenting and more one citation at a time. 4″ x 5.25″ pad has 50 sheets.

Priced at £4 in the UK or $6 in the USA for a pad with fifty sheets!

Source [Incredible Things]