The Office Pod

Working from home is great, until the TV goes on, someone calls around or you fancy a nice coffee and sandwich! These distractions mean that less work is done and therefore it makes working at home less productive than it should be! Luckily, there are things like this Office Pod available, it is small enough to fit into a garden without taking up all the room, you probably will not need any planning permission at all and it is made from a lightweight GRP so it should last for around twenty five years too! The dimensions of the Office Pod are Height 2.37 m, Width 2.25 m and its is Depth 2.25 m. the whole unit comes with a Weight of 800 kg, so this is going to need a solid base in order to stand up all kinds of weather conditions.

These are the details for the excellent home office in the garden;

The ability to work from home is a trend that is here to stay. Technology allows it, legislation permits it and employers often now encourage it. An OfficePOD provides a working environment that is separate to home life. The hassle free OfficePOD service deals with everything from site survey and installation through to customer services and POD relocation in the case of moving house or employer.

Unfortunately Office Pod do not publish any prices on their site

Source [Incredible Things]