Combining Facebook and Google+ Feeds

As Google+ and Facebook go to head to head in the battle for social networking supremacy, it seems that the user of both networks could be the winner, especially if they use the latest extension created by Crossrider. This extension is simply called Google+Facebook, which in itself is very clever, but the app is supreme.

Once up and running the user gets a Facebook tab at the top of the page right next to the Google+ button! One click on this takes the user to Facebook, but there is more here as the user is allowed to update their Facebook status from within the Google+ browser.

For Internet Explorer users there appears to be some slight issues, but it seems to be working fine otherwise and some users have even imported and exported their friends, Crossrider is a cool extension for serious users of these social networking platforms, although Facebook and Google may not see it that way!

Source [PC Mag]