Compaq computer mouse belt

This is a smart looking thing that uses an old and non working mouse from Compaq computer system, it looks cool and it is cool, as there are not going to be many of these around!

These are the features and spec for the belt buckle made from a Compaq computer mouse;

I’m a Mac, but if you’re a PC, I won’t hold it against you. I’ll even take a PC mouse and create an awesome belt buckle for you… Ill even make sure it still clicks, so you can communicate with your PC friends via Morse Code like you were in some Snapple commercial… Ill even sell you this awesome Morse Code transmitting device for CHEAPER than I sell the buckles I make out of Mac mice… Call it an olive branch… This buckle was built out of a non-functioning Compaq 2-button roller-type computer mouse that is tan in color.

Priced at $20 in the USA and £13 in the UK

Source [Technabob]