Put your name on a Dell

Even though they have a very familiar logo, the Dell brand has never had the same impact as the likes of Apple. However, in a cool piece of marketing strategy Dell are introducing the More You campaign will put the consumers name into the logo, so I would be all right as Dave fits into there just right, but longer names just will not do the job as good, so you will need to pick out your name carefully!

According to Paul-Henri Ferrand, who is Dell’s chief marketing officer for global and consumer/small medium businesses?

“We have found our value proposition. A year ago, consumers did not know what we stood for in consumer computing. Now our emphasis is on giving you seamless access to your digital life, service that is second to none, and value. “my life is on that thing” concept, connects emotionally with consumers,”

There are plenty of ideas for the logo, but only if you have a name that is less than five letter, other than that you are having to go for a shortened version or nickname, how tragic would that be!

Source [PSFK]