Yahoo can read your email

It seems that with a quick touch up of it email account terms and conditions, Yahoo are now able to take a look at users private emails! This is a major thing especially as Yahoo is currently the largest provider of email services in the world. However, the issue is more than that for people who send an email to a Yahoo account holder as their email content will also been seen and to make it even better it seems that it is the account holder’s responsibility to tell anyone sending them an email, that there is a chance that it may be read by Yahoo!

According to Georgina Nelson, a spokeswoman for consumer watchdog Which?, she said;

“This is a gross violation of internet users’ privacy. Most consumers would be horrified to learn that their email can be read in order to open the door to targeted advertisers. The obligation to notify those who email you that their message will be scanned is nonsensical and unrealistic. When exactly are you supposed to do this? Our advice to anyone who has a Yahoo! email and messaging account and who objects is to this is to switch to a different email provider.”

Source [Daily Mail]