Anonymous Strikes Back

The hacking group LulzSec may have disbanded following some high profile attacks, but there are fears that not all of the group have actually retired from hacking, in fact is seems very likely that some major players may have crossed over to Anonymous.

The reason for these fears is that Anonymous have released a file on the Pirate Bay file sharing site that contains around ninety thousand email addresses, passwords and login details from US defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

According to Chester Wisniewski from security firm Sophos;

“There clearly is demand for information about individuals related to the US defence that can be used to compromise their accounts and computers,”

Anonymous came to light following the arrest Julian Assange the founder of the whistle blowing website, Wikileaks. They have been responsible for some heavy attacks on major firms and government department.

However, a coordinated raid by the police forces from Italy, Spain and Turkey was believed to have stopped the groups in its tracks, how wrong they are!

Source [BBC]