Branded Apps Failing

There is no doubt that the market in Smartphone’s and tablets is growing, the market in apps for these devices is also growing you only have to see the Apple App Store predictions to realise that and yet branded apps are failing to reach the market!

Recent research has found that the average branded app is only downloaded around a thousand times; this is in a marketplace of millions. It looks as if while brands are keen to offer apps for consumers the actual apps are not what the consumer wants and therefore are not interested in downloading it.

According to a multimarket study by Deloitte, it was found that;

“Needless to say, part of the reason for the success of these smart computing platforms has been the rapid growth of a base of applications,”

“Clearly there are sales opportunities … but the customisability, connectivity and interactivity of smart devices promises to make them the ultimate advertising platform,”

“Handheld smart devices offer a lean-forward experience where the user is concentrated on what they are doing and have only a small amount of screen real estate to focus on.”

Clearly, what brands have to do is relate to the user, it is not good enough to promote a product or service, users want value from an app even if they are free!

Source [WARC]