Climb up and ride down

This is the Bergmönch Backpack Scooter; it is what it says on the box. Carry this lightweight device on your back during the climb and then once you have reached the summit, had a rest and taken some photos, simply unpack the Bergmönch Backpack Scooter and head off back down to the bottom where the car is parked!

These are the details for the Bergmönch Backpack Scooter;

Bergmönch – Hiking uphill Wheeling downhill from Thomas Kaiser on Vimeo.

In mountaineering, the buzz comes from your ability to clamber over any terrain however rough, always with one objective in mind – the summit. However, descending is hard on the joints, and so it is a necessary evil. It’s quite different with mountain biking. In that case descending is an adrenaline-fuelled thrill worth working for, bringing you effortlessly back to the valley and enabling you to cover large distances. The “Bergmönch” combines the two. It’s a sports device which can easily be carried uphill, and which mutates into a fun-filled downhill device par excellence for the descent.

Priced at $2,150 in the USA and around £1,500 in the UK

Source [Geeky Gadgets]