Terrorists using social networking

The government is warning that terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda are turning to social networking as a sort of cyber-jihad, the weapons in this case are words and they are being used to provide disinformation and attempt to radicalise people!

The Home Secretary, Theresa May is calling for the UK to respond to these threats, there is also the issue of website security the government are funding a £650 million plan to make the UK’s infrastructure a lot tougher than it is. According to the Defence Secretary Liam Fox, last year there almost a thousand attacks on his department alone!

According to the document that explains government’s updated counter-terrorism strategy;

“Since the death of Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda has explicitly called not only for acts of lone or individual terrorism but also for ‘cyber-jihad’. There have been a number of attempts by terrorist and extremist groups to ‘invade’ Facebook. Twitter will be used to re-post media or forum articles enabling extremist content to be shared more quickly, widely and amongst people who would not normally search for extremist content.”

But according to the Home Secretary, Theresa May,

“Our response must improve to keep pace. Terrorists are increasingly using online technology, including Google Earth and Street View, for attack planning. While radicalisation continues primarily to be a social process, terrorists are making more and more use of new technologies to communicate their propaganda.”

These are worrying times, when governments start looking at places where people are free to speak their minds and do as they please, not everyone who uses the internet is there to bring down the world.

Source [BBC]