DownTweet for non Twitter users

There has been a lot of studies into social networking and in particular the micro blogging site Twitter the thing is with this site is that many people just do not get it because you are limited to the amount the characters  and the chances are that nobody will see what you write either! It is all a matter of followers and one sure fact is that over half of all the users on Twitter have less than five followers. However, this means nothing, as some folks just like to see what other people are talking about, rather than getting involved. Therefore, this proves that you do not have to have thousands of followers to get the most out of Twitter, this is social and as such it is a two way street.

Alternatively the user can subscribe to one of the many services available, such as Down Tweet, this is a feed service that allows the user to observe up to four Twitter streams at once and the user does not even have to have a Twitter account either. This is really for those people who want to keep up with what is going on in the Twitter verse without having to get involved.

Source [Down Tweet]