The “Like” button hanger

We are so familiar with buttons on the internet that they are now appearing in real life situations and we do not really notice or mind come to think of it! This hanger has been designed in the style of the Facebook “Like” button, it is a bit like an 8 Bit intrusion into the real world and it is cool with it too!

These are the features and specs for the brilliant “Like” hanger;

Mount to your wall, and then use to hang the stuff you like. Get 2 or 3 hangers for the same shipping rate of one! Made from acrylic; Dimensions: approx 8 x 7 x 1,5 cm (3”x2,8”x0,6”); Handcrafted: Small differences between the pieces do not represent defect

Priced at $40 in the USA and around £30 in the UK

Source [Nerd Approved]