Welcome to Analogue Tetris

Tetris is a game well known for being popular on the original Gameboy handheld devices, back then it was hard enough to all the way to see the rocket launch to wherever it was heading. But now it seems that technology is taking a back seat with this newer version of the puzzle game as this is the analogue version! This is played just the same as the computer game, but instead of sitting down piling on the pound’s the player will have to engage in some serious physical activity!

Here are some details for the analogue style Tetris game;

Tetris analógico // Analogical Tetris from Esferobite-DSK on Vimeo.

Video games are present in our lives for diversion, just like TV and computer games. However, they are games, which limit exercise activity to our retinas, fingers, hands, and brains. CODECO proposes that we take one of the most recognized of these games to the level of exercising muscles as well.

Source [Oh Gizmo]