Apple ups UK app prices

It seems that inflation is out of control in the app market, for Apple have announced that they are increasing the price of an app by around twenty five per cent and don’t think that you may be getting in there quick, because the changes have already taken place. This price change means that the average app that did cost around £1.19 will now be costing the consumer £1.49 and if there is anyone who has not tried Angry Birds, the price of this game has gone from 59p to 69p and reason for these price changes is fluctuating currency rates!

According to An Apple representative the reasons for these increases in UK app store prices is due to;

‘minor pricing adjustments, because of changes in foreign exchange rates and local tax laws.’

It does look like the UK is not actually the country suffer from these price hikes, as the app stores for Mexico and Norway have increased their prices by around twenty per cent.

Source [Daily Mail]