No more fake names on Google

When Google launched off Google+ its aim was to shake up the social networking market and it has certainly done that. However, there is more here for Google appears to be wanting to clean up their act too! One way they planning to do this is to stop the use of false names or pseudonyms, they are serious too for anyone who refuses to use their real name could see their Google+ account terminated.

According to Katie Watson, who is the Senior Manager of Global Communications & Public Affairs at Google;

“Google Profiles are designed to be public pages on the web, which are used to help connect and find real people in the real world. By providing your common name, you will be assisting all people you know – friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, and other acquaintances – in finding and creating a connection with the right person online”

The system requires the user to provide a real name, as well as a nickname as this will allow Google to find content on other platforms.

Source [Slash Gear]