Cool looking portable speaker

Sometimes there are some cool accessories appearing on the market that are just too cool to be used and this speaker is one of them! This is more like a piece of modern art than a practical device that is only a speaker!

These are the details for the smart looking Cyber Snipa Sonar Portable Mini Speaker;

If you have ever tried to listen to music, movies or play your favourite games on your laptop or Smartphone, you have surely noticed the sound quality to be a bit lacking. Luckily, the Sonar Portable Mini Speaker (PMS) provides shockingly powerful, clear and loud sound in a tiny capsule that fits conveniently into your pocket. Utilizing patented vacuum bass technology, the unit pops open to create rich, full sound when connected to virtually any media device. Simply collapse it when you are done and take it with you wherever you go.

Priced at $30 in the US and around £20 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]