Dance like a Spazzi

This is the seriously cool Spazzi mini sized robot, it has been made designed and made by the Beatbots crew, who have not only issued some interesting images of the device being built, but there is a video too! Spazzi is not going to win any competitions for dancing, but he has the groove in their somewhere, even though it may not be everyone’s idea of dancing.

These are the details for the excellent Spazzi: a solenoid-powered dance bot;

Spazzi: a solenoid-powered dancebot from BeatBots on Vimeo.

Spazzi™ is a build-it-yourself dancing robot that we designed for MAKE Magazine. It incorporates off-the shelf solenoids and electronic components, an Arduino, and plastic parts that you can print on your Maker Bot or other 3D printer.

Source [Technabob]