Twelve years of text messages

Imagine keeping a log all of the text messages that you have ever sent, well that is what the UK based artist Tracey Moberly has done and in style, too it has to be said! She has made an art form of the simple SMS message and yet this book starts with a message sent in 1999 and Text Me Up! Was born.

Here are some of the features and details of this very interesting and unique book;

The story begins in Manchester, directly after Madchester, when she finds herself as a single parent following the breakdown of a long term tumultuous relationship. It follows accounts of her life and others through the tales of people’s text messages she’s received. At the same time, Tracey weaves in another narrative of psycho geographical histories and places in Manchester, London, Moscow, New York and Haiti. Her journey moves between popular and unpopular culture, from underground to mainstream in the worlds of both music and art.

Source [PSFK]