Daleks invade London

It seems to be an annual event, the Daleks have once again invaded the capital, but this time there was a bit of nostalgia in there somewhere. This is because across the mighty Westminster Bridge by the Houses of Parliament where four generations of Dalek. Yes for those who are not in the know! The Daleks like everything else have evolved, in fact, they have managed to do this four times and yet they are still rolling around on wheels, what happened there!

The scene is reminiscent of an original episode from the BBC produced back in 1964, when the Daleks where the scariest thing on the television. But now they do not seem put the fear of god in the human race any more, even the young ones know that the Dalek is limited, which is why the BBC have decided to retire them from Dr Who, for the time being!

Source [Technabob]