Phone on your wrist

Here is a cool watch known as the imWatch, even though it is much more than just a time piece for it works with the Android and iPhone at the moment and from next year, it will also be working the Blackberry. so once connected it allows the user to make phone calls and check e-mails, instant messages, text messages, stores addresses, photos, receive Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare notifications. Cool eh!

These are the features and specs for the excellent imWatch;

The most common operating system in the world with performances never seen before on such a small device. Intuitive interface, rock-solid stability and amazing functionalities. The operating system is the heart of i’mWatch. A surprising result that will leave you lost for words. It only takes a few steps to learn how to use it: it is simple and intuitive. Just touch, drag, swipe or pinch to use all the functionalities or open any of the apps, preinstalled or downloadable from i’mstore.

Prices start from £600 and rise to £12,000 for the top of the range version

Source [Incredible Things]