Keyless Home Entry There Is An App For That

With this Phantom keyless home entry system, the user is able to use their Smartphone to gain entry to their home; it uses Bluetooth technology to unlock your front door automatically. However, the user can also use the key to get in, which is great for Smartphone’s with low batteries, as being locked out of your home is simply not cool at all.

These are the details for the Smartphone enabled keyless home entry system;

The Phantom Smart Home Hands-free Keyless Home Entry uses any Bluetooth-capable cell phone as a key to unlock your door automatically. The Keyless Home Entry detects and authenticates your phone as you approach without having to take it out or press a button. Simple, safe, and secure, the Hands-free Keyless Home Entry provides a new level of convenience. You no longer have to trouble with keys. The Keyless Home Entry is perfect for coming and going in a hurry or with your hands full.

Priced at $250 in the US or around £160 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]