Lifelike Robots Scare Humans

It looks as if there is some sort of built in resistance in the human brain to robots that have been built in the shape of man; these guys literally scare the hell out of people, whereas a clumsy looking metal skinned robot has nowhere near the negative impact. These findings come from a recent study at a US university where people were asked to observe different styles of robot in action and the versions that had a look of being human no matter how remote created a feeling known as “Uncanny Valley” which sort of speaks for itself.

According to Ayse Pinar Saygin, who is the assistant professor of cognitive science at the University of California in San Diego and who led the study;

“The brain doesn’t seem tuned to care about either biological appearance or biological motion per se. What it seems to be doing is looking for its expectations to be met – for appearance and motion to be congruent.”

So the future of robots will see them looking like daleks, rather than Data, which does not seem to be right somehow!

Source [Gizmag]