Robot Band is a Hit

We seem to full of robot stories today! Anyway this is a robotic band, they under the scary title of the End Of Life Band! However, use EOL Robot Band instead which is much more easier to handle for us humans.

The EOL Robot Band is made up by an electric guitar, a drummer and of course, no band would be complete without the robotic cello, apparently, they do good version of The Beautiful People, which is nice!

These are the features and further details for the robot band known as the EOL Robot Band;

Initially I was working on my own version of Mad World and I did complete it however, the Robot Cello did not work out because the sound of the solenoids and stepper motor was drowning out the song. So I scrapped the project altogether. One night I was working on the Cello and the stepper motor started to jitter almost ripping the Cello sting and Bow apart. As I was jumping over to the power switch, I noticed that the jittery sound reminded me of a song.

Source [Geeky Gadget]