Tweeting Smoke Detector

It seems that it is impossible to get through the day without any mentions of the micro blogging site Twitter, and yet here we are talking about this interesting and it has to be said, cute Chick-a-Dee smoke detector and Twitter just happens to pop into my mind! This is in fact the winner of a Dutch design competition and it does look like a better design than the normal flat and round smoke detectors that we all seem to have screwed to our ceilings these days.

These are the details for the Chick-a-Dee smoke detector;

The Chick-a-Dee smoke detector was selected as the winning design in a design contest organized by the Union of Dutch Insurance Companies in the Netherlands in the fall of 2006. The design was selected out of 50 entries sent by industrial designers at universities all over the Netherlands because of its combined functionality and design. Dimensions: length 17 cm, width 17 cm, height 12 cm

Priced at around £50

Source [Random Good Stuff]