Vending Machines For Cyclists

Now you may think that all vending machines are alike, but it seems not, especially when we are talking about the Bike Fixtation, a self-service bike repair station for the cyclist! The cyclist will find in this machine there are energy drinks and bars, puncture kits and other replacement parts, there is even a built in stand and free air too!  The bad news is that the Bike Fixtation vending machines are only available Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas in the States.

These are the details from the Bike Fixtation website for the Self Service Bike Kiosk;

Do you want a way to expand your bike shop’s reach without the expense of a new store location? Do you want to offer something new and innovative to your local cycling community while helping promote your shop’s image? Want to start a small business and support bicycle infrastructure at the same time? Bike Fixtation can help! Bike Fixtation can supply you a complete self-service bicycle repair kiosk using our in-house designed quality components that are tested and proven.

Source [Gajitz]