Rural broadband prices cut

It would appear the price of broadband in the rural areas of the UK could be in line to fall; this follows a ruling by the communications watchdog, Ofcom ordering BT to cut the wholesale price that it charges other broadband providers. How this will affect consumers is not yet known, it does not seem likely that ISP’s will pass these savings on!

The ruling seems to be that from August of this year to March 2014, BT must charge twelve per cent less than the headline inflation figure for that year. It should be noted that this only applies to broadband services that are up to 8 Mbps.

According to a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance, they said that they are

“delighted” and “People living in the countryside have been left behind in the digital divide for far too long and it is vital that they have effective and affordable broadband if their rural economies are to grow and prosper,”

Source [BBC]