The BubbleScope ground floor opportunity

This is the BubbleScope; it is a device that if you put it on top of your car you would be able to produce your own form of StreetView or something! The BubbleScope is a 360 degree panoramic camera for Smartphone’s. it is not on sale, in fact it is not even in production yet, but it could be if enough backers sign up at Crowd Funder, the minimum pledge is £20 and the maximum is £70, so far they have raised around a quarter of the proposed target figure of £10,000.

The BubbleScope Smartphone accessory and the BubblePix App and online community is the culmination of a ten year journey by young British inventor Tom Lawton (that’s me!). In the past decade, I have tirelessly pursued the dream of creating the perfect, instant 360° photography device. During this time, I have worked with the very best minds in the optical technology, digital and the business community to get to where I am today.

For a £20 pledge you will get £20 off the purchase of the device when the website goes live, alternatively for a pledge of £70, the investor gets Bubblescope device to beta test and a compatible iPhone 4 case too!

Source [Technabob]